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M.L.M. Means...
By: Developer Shed
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    Table of Contents:

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    M.L.M. Means...
    by Andre Best

    M.L.M. Means... Many Lives Mourned

    I'm a Canadian living in the United States for the last nine years.
    This is where I've called home for my family and where my three sons
    were born. And although I am not a homegrown American I was deeply
    affected by the terrorist events that transpired in the World Trade
    Center/Pentagon/ Pennysylvania area.

    What struck me most about these events was the utter senselessness of
    it all. To me, any loss of lives in an incident like that is
    absolutely senseless. I don't care what someone's 'reason' for doing
    something is.

    That doesn't give them permission.

    I believe the incidents occurring at the World Trade Center and the
    Pentagon will be recorded in the history books as one of America's
    pivotal watershed moments.

    Think about it.

    Multiple thousands of innocent lives ended during a one-hour period of
    time. A loss of this magnitude has not occurred for a long, long time
    on American soil.

    Essentially the entire world, at least the global traveling population
    for the time-being, has been impacted by this event. What country in
    the world that uses air transportation will ever be able to again see
    their flying iron behemoths as just another alternative method of
    quickly getting from point A to point B? I doubt that world air travel
    on a global scale will ever be the same again.

    Now is a loss of this magnitude unprecedented? Of course not.

    Almost 500,000 Americans die from smoking related illness every year.
    About 60,000 of those who die are not even smokers, they die from
    second-hand smoke. Tens of thousands more are murdered from acts of
    violence and from accidents involving moving vehicles and accidents in
    the home. Every year.

    Year after year.

    I saw an investigative report on television recently that revealed
    that a country in the Southern Hemisphere (the name of the country
    escapes me) is having a civil war that has caused an estimated loss of
    lives in the millions during the past several years.

    Millions of lives.

    And is this front-page news in America? No.

    And why not? Because it's happening somewhere else. It's not 'home
    territory' to Americans. But this is not an 'American mind-set thing'
    mind you. So don't think that only Americans are a bunch of myopic
    (short-sighted) folks.

    HUMANS are a bunch of myopic folks.

    We're only thinking of our own and ourselves so generally what goes on
    in the rest of the world goes on, for the most part, unnoticed.

    Now I'll step off my soapbox and get into the depth of this insight
    and how it relates to you and your MLM business.


    M.L.M. Means... Mighty Lesson Made

    I still have the need to go to a J.O.B. to earn a living. I'm not
    where most of us want to be and why we start this whole deal in
    craziness with our main program. At least not yet.

    My work happens to cause me to be working for the local municipal
    government in a high-rise downtown. I'm on the street side of the
    building, on the fourth floor.

    During the last two weeks I found that I left the building at the end
    of the day very disturbed internally. This occurred each week to the
    point where I found myself getting very emotional and just having to
    release feelings in order to function properly. These days that didn't
    seem like the 'me' that I am.

    I realized that we had a bomb scare about one block away from my
    office several days after the World Trade Center/Pentagon incident,
    but that wasn't what seemed to be continually eating away at me.

    It took me over a week to figure it out but I finally did.

    Of course it had to relate to the incident at the World Trade Center
    and the Pentagon, but it seemed that this was impacting me on a
    somewhat individually personal basis.

    You see, the part of all of this that really affected me was that all
    of those people, those innocent people, were just minding their own
    business. They were doing what most of us do. They were working for a
    living. They were earning a living. They were supporting themselves
    and their families and loved ones. They were contributing to the
    American economy and paying taxes like everyone does.

    They went to work that day just like any other day. Another day at the

    I know there were visitors in the building, but they too were probably
    mostly in the building conducting business for an offsite business
    they worked for. I'm assuming most of this, but I hope you get the
    gist of what I'm saying.

    Regardless. These folks were just sitting there and working. I
    realized that that too was what I was doing every day in my office
    cubicle up there on the fourth floor of that municipal office

    I was doing what I've been doing most of my adult life so far, working
    for someone else and going to the daily drudgery of my office work and
    eking out a living to support my family and my other commitments. I
    too was going to work and minding my own business.

    Each day I found myself going to work I found myself thinking "what
    would happen if this were MY last day on this planet. What would I
    have for MY family?"

    I found myself thinking, "sure I'm working on my biz, and sure I'm
    working on my prospecting but what am I really doing to make it all
    come together. Am I doing all that I really can do in the time
    allotted to make it all work for me? Am I getting closer to seeing
    what it is I started all this stuff for?"

    I continued to think like that and I kept thinking of all those
    unfortunate folks who didn't have say in what was going to happen to
    them. The decision that ended their lives so abruptly was not theirs
    to make.

    What I'm getting at here is for you to begin to ask yourself exactly
    what it is that you are hoping to get out of your MLM biz. What is it
    that caused you to pick up your torch and join the Freedom call to
    self-employment in your home based biz? What was it that made you say,
    "I'm doing this. This is going to work for me because I'm going to
    work it"?

    What is it for you that keeps you in the game?

    I think I know.


    Freedom of choice.

    Freedom of lifestyle.

    Freedom of income.

    Freedom to be.

    Freedom to travel, work and/or play when you want.

    Freedom to make your day your way.

    Freedom....whatever and all that it means to you.

    No matter how you slice it that is why we all join this deal.

    I know, I know we want to believe it's the money. But what's the money
    for? To do what we want when we want. There's that freedom-to-do
    stuff. Again.

    Isn't that what we're being led to believe that those folks in New
    York and the Pentagon died because of? Freedom?

    The Freedom that America represents to her people and inhabitants?

    The freedom to choose.

    The freedom to make OUR lives what we want to when we're ready to pick
    up the torch.

    The freedom to create OUR futures as we see them and doing it with
    whatever means we see fit and true.

    Freedom in every sense of the word.

    And I ask you... Isn't that what networking is all about?


    Freedom from the ties that bind.

    Freedom from the work collar.

    Freedom from the rat-race.

    Freedom from having to do whatever someone tells you to do every day.

    Freedom from having a boss.

    Freedom from having someone else decide your future.

    All that stuff.


    M.L.M. Means... Make Life Meaningful

    Let's now cross the borders of the world and relate this to the whole
    concept of networking. Networking is not just an American thing. It's
    a global thing. I'd bet that most every country in the world has the
    freedom of network marketing available to them.

    Since you're reading this eReport I'd bet that you have it available
    to you where you live.

    Network marketing is freedom for people around the world. It's not an
    American thing. Americans don't have exclusive rights to freedom in
    MLM. Anyone who chooses to accept the MLM torch-carrying has the
    opportunity to create their freedom.

    THAT is what MLM is all about. No matter how you slice it.

    No matter how you go about building your business and how long it
    takes you to do it. MLM is about Freedom. And this is an inalienable
    right for those who choose to work this business.

    When you're successful in MLM, when you're a heavy, you'll be free in
    every sense of the word. Regardless of where you live, what language
    is your primary one, what deal you're working, or what wares you're
    hocking. You'll be free.

    Think about it.

    Think about what you have to offer people who are still going to their
    nine to five or seven to seven. Think about what you have to offer all
    those office-bound cubicle workers who don't know that there is a way
    out of the trench they've unknowingly dug for themselves.

    Think about what kind of an impact you could have on this insidious
    evil that seems to exist in the world and is hell- bent on fighting a
    war based on combating the effects of Freedom. If you're in MLM,
    wherever you are on this planet, you are a part of this battle for

    By default YOU are for it. Others are against it.

    Since you chose to pick up the baton and run with it by joining your
    deal, wouldn't it be great to pass it off to someone who chooses to
    run this race with you? Someone willing to take that baton from you
    and run with it all the way to THEIR finish line?

    All the way to Freedom...

    Whatever THAT translates into for them?

    Would it feel great for you to be that person who gives this
    incredible gift of MLM to that person and forever change their life
    for the better and free them from the work-for-a- living shackles?

    Think about it.

    Think what you can do if you just continue to remember, on a daily
    basis, what MLM is all about and what the backbone of it is...

    ...MLM is BUILT on freedom.

    THAT'S the spark that ignites the fire in each of our hearts. That's
    the glowing ember that you see in the eyes of a beginning networker.

    And that can be YOUR cause with all this. Do your part to fulfill what
    it is that got you into this stuff in the first place.

    There are so many people out there in the world who don't know what
    networking has to truly offer them. They are the ones that shouldn't
    get lost in the shuffle and not be given the chance to bring
    themselves home to their families and loved ones with a truly possible
    way to make that happen.

    MLM is that vehicle that can make that happen for them. But you're the
    driver of your vehicle and it's up to you to ensure that you reduce
    the many lives missed during past MLM'ers prospecting efforts by at
    least one.

    Every so often bring one more person into the world of MLM. Bring them
    to the world of possible, plausible personal Freedom. Show them that
    this is what MLM offers the average worker-bee.

    Regardless of the country that person resides in. And regardless of
    whether that person works in an office building, a factory, a kitchen,
    a medical center, a cornfield, or a potato farm.

    When you joined your deal you picked up the Freedom torch, some time
    ago, if not recently. Pass the baton to those prospects you meet.

    Let them find out what freedom is all about. And why YOU won't let the
    spirit behind all those lives brutally taken from this world at the
    World Trade Center/Pentagon/ Pennsylvania area fade from anyone's
    memory any time soon.

    Good luck.

    I hope this insight was helpful with your business efforts.


    Andre Best is the owner of - a generic
    MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique
    information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

    (Author's permission is granted to share this full article with others.)

    DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this article is not warranted or guaranteed by Developer Shed, Inc. The content provided is intended for entertainment and/or educational purposes in order to introduce to the reader key ideas, concepts, and/or product reviews. As such it is incumbent upon the reader to employ real-world tactics for security and implementation of best practices. We are not liable for any negative consequences that may result from implementing any information covered in our articles or tutorials. If this is a hardware review, it is not recommended to open and/or modify your hardware.

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